Good morning Everyone!
I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas & are now looking forward to what the New Year is going to bring in for you! I just thought I would pop on & share some of my thoughts with you at this time of reflection as I have been really quiet & spending time with hubby & enjoying my pregnancy journey. 
 I have really enjoyed the rest, eating lots of nice food & spending quality time with my hubby, family & friends.It has made me realise how much energy I expend in my job & how it affects my body & mind. The early commute, rushing from class to class, carrying equipment in & out of the car, driving in the city & eating on the run & late at night really does play havoc on my mind , body & soul.  I am grateful that we are closed for the Festive break & that I am winding down and not taking anything else on. 
As I am Dairy Free as it has meant that I have not been able to indulge in all the chocolates & cakes that were going around our office & home during the festive break. Being pregnant I am obviously not drinking alcohol either & it’s refreshing not to wake up with hangovers over the holidays. I have continued to eat quite healthy apart from indulging in a can of Coca cola or 7 Up every day.  I am loving the full sugar Cola just now & I am not feeling guilty about it. I haven’t been weighing myself or calorie counting ( I have never done that anyway! ) & I am just enjoying these small pleasures!
As we move in to this very mild start to Winter I have been reflecting back on the year & the Christmas’s & Hogmany’s in the past where I would have been drinking & partying to the wee hours in the morning. As much fun as they were I am now shuddering at the thought of it & pregnancy has made me really think about my relationship with alcohol. I am going out for Hogmany with friends & I am really looking forward to it. I can have fun without the alcohol.  Plus the amount of money you save not drinking is a real eye opener! 
I know I can leave anytime as I have the car & I will probably stay for the bells then be happy to head up the road & get into my nice comfy bed with precious baby bump. I love that sense of freedom & that I am in control. For me, pregnancy has been a journey of self discovery on a completely new level & I am really excited at what’s to come next. 
I have been very lucky that I have had a really good pregnancy so far. I know for some women this is not the case so every day I am grateful for this positive experience & we are both feeling very blessed.
As 2019 is nearly upon us I encourage you to take a few moments to reflect over your year & take note of your achievements no matter how small & also of the goals that maybe you didn’t quite reach this year. It’s ok not to have achieved everything you had initially planned as challenges & obstacles happen , that is life. You have another 365 days coming up to plan new adventures & goals! How exciting!?!
Get your pen & notepad & get writing. We can close the door on 2018 & be ready & excited for 2019!!!
Wishing you health, wealth love & happiness
Erin xxx
PS If you are feeing low or depressed & the thought of 2019 is scaring the sh*it out of you then please reach out & speak to someone, a friend, family member or a support service. You are not alone & people want to help you. I have included a link below where you can access support services such as The Samaritans & Breathing Space

One thought on “Hello!!

  1. Great blog my friend! Well done.
    So happy for your journey of discovery and exciting times ahead. Thanks for sharing your your own personal experience, it’s an inspiration to so many. Lots of love xxx


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